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Yoko Noge is equal parts inventive band leader/singer/pianist not to mention patient house mother to a group of unruly genius musicians. The success of Jazz Me Blues lies not only in the consistently high caliber of musicianship but in Yoko's careful shepherding and giving of space to Jazz Me Blues' constituent members.

Yoko's from Osaka which is known for theater, humor and for its close-knit arts community - all of which are well represented at any Jazz Me Blues show. A witty entertainer who can belt out a boogie, Yoko also explores the commonalities between African-rooted music and the music of Japan in traditional and original compositions.

"The uniqueness of Yoko," says Tatsu Aoki, "is that she came here to cultivate that part of the Japanese 'new Japan' and incorporate it into Chicago style music."

At times her smokey-timbred voice and breathy vamping emphasizes tone and rhythm while her hands deftly keep the melody. And on the singing duets with John, her come-hither, yet in-control vocals are a perfect foil for John's transparent bluster, naked begging and brilliantly pleading counter-vocals -- humor that is a much neglected aspect of blues and which welcomes the audience into the moment.

"When you mix that with the very sad songs, that brings real life," says Yoko in a voice as expressive as her music, "I like to reflect the realness of life in the music."

You can email Yoko at: yokonogejazzmeblues@hotmail.com

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