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      Date: Nov 13, 2010
     Title: Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival
Yoko Noge's Japanesque

Andy's Jazz Club  (9:30pm show only)

11 E. Hubbard St.,Chicago, IL 60611


Asian Improv aRts Midwest is proud to present the 15th anniversary Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival! Featuring the best in contemporary Asian American music, this year’s festival highlights Chicago artists who have contributed an Asian American voice to the Chicago music scene - pianist/vocalist/bandleader Yoko Noge and saxophonist Jeff Chan.  Featured artists also include dynamic performing artist Dohee Lee and saxophonist Francis Wong from the San Francisco Bay Area and New York interdisciplinary artist Miya Masaoka.  With performances taking place at six venues across Chicago throughout October and November, this event will be a milestone not to be missed!